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This year, more than 12000 people in our district will be diagnosed with cancer.


For most people, their journey with cancer begins close to home here in North Bay. It’s important to help ensure most, if not all of their care is provided close to home, minimizing the hardship of travel.


The community of North Bay and area needs more than $7.4 million in advanced medical equipment critical in the screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care for patients with cancer.

Technology is always changing, especially in healthcare. Advances in medicine are leading to earlier diagnoses, more effective treatments, shorter recovery times and better outcomes. This comes at a high cost.


The reality is the government does not fund medical equipment. It is the responsibility of the hospital and the community - together. 


Your hospital has identified essential new equipment to ensure faster diagnosis and enhance treatment in the following care areas:











Early diagnosis has the greatest impact on the outcomes for patients with cancer. Your hospital needs the tools to effectively diagnose earlier, helping you receive treatment and care faster, when it’s most effective.


Improving wait times – increasing capacity.


Equipment upgrades and additions at NBRHC, will improve wait times, decrease turnaround times, and increase capacity. Patients and their families will be spared the hardship of travel by having access to care, close to home. 


One of the largest investments needed at NBRHC is a second CT scanner.


CT is essential for diagnosing, staging, and monitoring the treatment progress of countless types of cancer. Modern CTs provide improved imaging while reducing radiation exposure by more than 75 percent.


Increasing demand for CT is impacting wait times in our region. A second CT scanner will double our capacity and allow your hospital to introduce specialized screening programs for lung cancer and more CT guided biopsies.

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