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This time of year always brings me back to 2011; I hopped in the shower after an exhilarating day ripping around the hunt camp on my four-wheeler and that’s when I felt it. A lump in my testicle.

Matt's story

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In December 2012, Dr. Joseph Madden known for his kind gentle nature as a pediatrician, found himself facing one of the biggest challenges of his life.  

In 2015, Jim's retirement took a different direction when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.


"If there's one thing I've learned with cancer, it's that time is of the essence."

jim's  story

“At age 30 and the mother of two, I think my biggest worries should be how I’ll convince my five-year-old to eat broccoli for dinner or heal her bumps and bruises with hugs and kisses,” says Shawna Cook (née Roy). “It shouldn’t be worrying if I’ll get to see my children grow up.”

shawna's story


As I got ready to stuff the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner in 2016, the heel of my hand brushed across my breast. I froze, wondering what I'd just felt. 

tara's story

The scariest words I ever heard were, "You have cancer". 



In the spring of 2016, Marc  visited his family doctor for what he thought was a minor health concern...

marc's story

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